Viking Mill has been providing affordable work space for Philadelphia artists since 2008. Learn more about us.

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The Building

Viking Mill is a five-building complex located in an industrial area of Philadelphia known as East Kensington. The building complex takes up most of the block upon which it sits. Originally built around 1880's as a textile mill, the mill building contained looms for manufacturing carpets. It was constructed in a community where employees walked to and from work, where living and work spaces were closely knit. Now, Viking Mill is located only two blocks from historic Fishtown and rests in a community that is famous for its creative energy, thanks to working artists and craftspeople.

In 2007, Viking Mill was purchased and incorporated by Viking Mill Associates, LLC in pursuit of the idea of creating affordable work space for various kinds of artists and craftspeople. Since 2008, a flood of these creative people have been interested in and renting work space at Viking Mill. The two main buildings of the complex - a five-story building of about 50,000 square feet on the north side of the block and a one story building of approximately 5,600 square feet on the south side - comprise most of the space available to rent. The space for rent is full of character. The five-story building is a brick and wood beamed, hard-wood floored structure, being historic in construction but current in our lives by providing space in which artists can be creative.

Many of the artists who rent space at Viking Mill live in Kensington and Fishtown but some travel from other parts of the city. The proximity of the building to the Market Frankford El further enhances desirability. Some of Viking Mill's tenants include figurative artists, photographers, fashion designers, dressmakers, 3D artists, jewelers, a leading Philadelphia muralist, carpenters, musicians, general contractors, a music recording studio, and a glass blowing studio. Some of these tenants work in the building full time or use it as a base of operations while other tenants work outside of the building to support themselves. However, all of Viking Mill's tenants use one another as resources to expand their social and professional networks with the goal of making their artistic aspirations the source of their livelihood.


The five-story building exudes character and charm. Built in the 1880s, it boasts exposed brick walls and beams, with hardwood floors. Much of the old textile machinery still adorns many of the work spaces, and from others, there is a breathtaking view of downtown Philadelphia. We have been working on renovating Viking Mill for the last three years and will continue to do so to bring modern comfort to the industrial charm of the workspaces we offer.


  • Parking - back lot, courtyard, or on the street
  • Community bathrooms and large sinks
  • Electronic fobs for entry into the building
  • Freight Elevator
  • Courtyard for Picnics

Tentant Responsibilities - monthly

  • Rent - per square foot rented
  • Electric
  • Common Area Fee
  • Small Dumpster Fee
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The Viking Mill Community strives to expand our artists' social and professional networks while helping each artist grow in ways individual to their own talent. It is our hope that the Viking Mill community will strengthen each artist so that he/she may be able to make their passion the source of their livelihood.

Community Links

For events and information about the community:

Artist Links
Reese Juel
Reese is a leading non-traditional Mixed Media/Fiber artist as well as a civic-minded fashion designer representing the X and Y Generations.
Jessie Key
Scott Bickmore
Flameworked Glass Art w/ Form and Function


Use google maps below to get directions to Viking Mill!

Mailing Address:

Viking Mill Associates, LLC
PO Box 3727
2026 East Hagert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Entrance or Delivery Address:

2424 Coral Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Public Transportation:

The building is located two and half blocks from the York and Dauphin stop on the El (Markert/Frankfort Line). Tenants can also take the buses 39 and 89 to Viking Mill. For more information on bus routes visit


Parking is available on the property but is limited. There is plenty of street parking. Viking Mill is in the process of building a bike rack for tenants to use to lock up their bikes.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact the property manager, David Hirsh, with any questions or comments using his contact info or the form below.

Cell Phone Number: 267.226.5969


Viking Mill strives to stay involved in the art community by sponsoring and participating in many artistic movements. Below are a few of the events that Viking Mill has contributed to.

Past 2012 Events

Philadelphia Open Studio Tour (POST)

POST is a self guided tour of artwork in the Philadelphia area. Artists in the Viking Mill Building open their studio's for public display. Viking Mill supports artists in the building by contributing to each artists registration fee.

For more information, visit the POST website.

Fair Grounds

Little Berlin is taking the lead on the Fair Grounds project with the support of Viking Mill and Emerald Street Urban Garden. The goal is to transform a piece of land adjacent to the studios at Viking Mill into an urban art garden.

For more information, visit the Little Berlin website.

More Past Events

The Light Drift

The Lift Drift was a temporary sculpture display organized along the Schuykill River by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. In October 2010, Viking Mill donated space for artists to assemble the Light Drift sculpture.

For more information, visit the Mural Arts Program website.

Morning Glory Mural & Guardian Angel of Love Mosaic

The 4,800 square foot mural is located on the west side of the Viking Mill Building. Completed and on display in September 2010. Also commissioned was a mosaic which is now located on the south facade of the elevator tower of the Viking Mill Building.

Visit the artist, Paul Santoleri, website at

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